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StrongStart BC Early Learning Centres

“Strong Starts – There are 12 StrongStart BC Early Learning Centres located in elementary schools throughout Burnaby. They are located in schools so parents/caregivers and your child (ages 0-5 years) become part of the school community even before your child enters kindergarten.

There is no cost to attend a StrongStart BC Centre but the parent/caregiver is required to remain with their child and fully participate in the program."

Name of schools:

  • Chaffey Burke Elementary,
  • Cascade Heights Elementary,
  • Edmonds Community School,
  • Forest Grove Elementary,
  • Kitchener Elementary,
  • Lochdale Elementary,
  • Maywood Community School,
  • Morley Elementary,
  • Stoney Creek Communtiy School,
  • Second Street Communtiy School,
  • Stride Communtiy School,
  • Twelfth Ave Elementary,
  • Windsor elementary