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Burnaby Neighbourhood House-Preschool Programs

The Burnaby Neighbourhood House Preschool is a learn-through-play program that attempts to reflect and enhance the cultural backgrounds and languages of the children. We are licensed to accept children 2.5-5 years of age. The BNH preschool program encourages and supports the potential of children through an environment that provides optimal social and emotional growth, and physical and intellectual skills.

  • Clinton Preschol – at Clinton Elementary 5858 Clinton St., Burnaby
  • Marlborough Elementary 6060 Marlborough Avenue, Burnaby
  • Gilpin Preschool – at Gilpin Elementary 5490 Eglinton St., Burnaby
  • Suncrest Neighbourhood Care 3883 Rumble Street, burnaby
  • Stride Avenue Neighbourhood Care 7014 Stride Avenue, Burnaby
  • Maywood Neighbourhood Care 4567 Imperial Street, Burnaby