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Do you have questions about STEAM?

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A quick overview for you about STEAM, taken from the Decoda website.

Why Focus on STEAM?

  • The education system is focusing on developing students in the areas of STEM for a growing variety of careers.
  • There are more STEM related job openings than graduates in STEM-related degrees.
  • Knowledge from STEAM disciplines is increasingly required in jobs at all levels.
  • STEM-related fields are linked to scientific leadership in the world and economic growth.


  • Individuals in STEAM-related fields can’t comprehend complex texts without essential literacy skills.
  • STEAM-related fields are engaging and offer a wide variety of books and resources.
  • STEAM and literacy incorporate problem solving, vocabulary building, communication skills, critical thinking, reading, and writing.
  • Functional literacy is essentials to keep up to the modern world.

Through STEAM Children are Learning…

  • To communicate, cooperate, and collaborate
  • To construct knowledge and solve problems in creative ways
  • How to ask question, make plans, predict outcomes, observe closely, and make inferences
  • About physical properties, movement, and forces that affect materials and objects
  • About changes that occur in; and  environmental needs of the world around them
  • About patterns and relationships
  • How actions may cause changes
  • About number and operations
  • About Spatial relationships & dimensional properties
  • Organizational skills to gathering information and organize it in a useful way
  • Leadership skills
  • Children are naturally curious and motivated to explore the world around them!

Why STEAM and the Family?

  • Families help build lifelong scientific literacy with positive interactions
  • Adult support is critical if children are to maximize STEAM learning
  • Support exploration and tool/material use
  • Comminicate to share knowledge
  • Exposing children to STEAM learning through hands-on experiences provides opportunities for rich oral discussions, and enhances communications
  •  Important for parents to see the enthusiasm that kids have for learning
  • Encouraging your child’s curiousity and questioning enhances a child’s success
  • Children do better, work harder, set higher goals and dream bigger when parents are involved in their learning
  • Shared experience create positive relationships and lifelong memories

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