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Make Room For Play!

Take Action and Make Room For Play

Let’s reclaim kids’ time spent in front of screens for physically active time!

In today’s culture of busyness, the claim of “no time” for physical activity is often heard, yet, kids aged 5 – 11 are spending 7.6 hours a day being sedentary and 73 percent of 5 – 10 year olds watch TV, play video games or read books in the after-school period. Often parents are too tired to battle kids over turning off screens. In fact, screens have become a tool to keep kids quiet and occupied so parents can get their own things done!

But moderating kids’ screen time (which includes TV, videos, DVDs, computers, video games, and handheld devices) is KEY for healthy development and staying active.

Click here for a list of ideas to do with your little one(s) this Winter.

Click here for ideas of how to swap screen time for active plays in the early years.


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