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Winter safety: Advice for parents and kids

Winter safety: Advice for parents and kids Winter is a great season for outdoor activities, such as sledding and skating. Cold weather, ice, and snow can be fun but also dangerous for children. The following tips will help parents and children enjoy winter activities safely. Highlights Young children generate less body ...
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Preschool Problem Solving

Three-year-old Sarah tries to display the leaves she has collected on a sheet of paper, but they keep falling off. She remembers seeing her teacher use the glue in a plastic bottle to stick a picture onto the paper. Fascinated with exploring new materials, Sarah decides to try to solve ...
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What is STEAM?

STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) The acronym STEAM originated with the National Science Foundation. STEAM Education is an intentional, hands-on, authentic approach to learning that integrates science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics. STEAM Activity Sheets:
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FUNctional Literacy for All!

“STEAM represents a paradigm shift from traditional education philosophy, based on standardized test scores, to a modern ideal which focuses on valuing the learning process as much as the results. In essence, we dare our students to be wrong, to try multiple ideas, listen to alternate opinions and create a ...
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Do you have questions about STEAM?

A quick overview for you about STEAM, taken from the Decoda website. Why Focus on STEAM? The education system is focusing on developing students in the areas of STEM for a growing variety of careers. There are more STEM related job openings than graduates in STEM-related degrees. Knowledge from STEAM ...
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