Developing gross motor skills that allow a kid run, ride a bike and play on the playground are an important part of your child’s development. Gross motor skills involve the larger and stronger muscles in the body and they need lots of practice to become strong. Here are some milestones to watch for to see if your child’s gross motor skills are on track:

Age 3-4

  • Can run around obstacles
  • Balance on one foot and hop on one foot
  • Use a slide independently

Age 4-5

  • Walk on a balance beam
  • Begin to jump rope
  • Jump backwards

Age 5-7

  • Play hopscotch and jump rope
  • Run up and down stairs
  • Ride a two wheeler bike

Here are some activities to increase gross motor skills in your child:

  • Play with bubbles! Have your kid chase and pop as many bubbles as they can.
  • Build a park trip into your regular routine. Encourage your child to try out all the different playgroup equipment.
  • Have a dance party. Put on some fun music and dance around the living room. This is a great one for a rainy day when its hard to get outside.
  • Go on an easy hike and find logs to practice balance while walking across them.
  • Set up an indoor obstacle course. This is an other great rainy day activity and so fun for kids! Use pillows, chairs, blankets to create things to climb under or jump over.