Grandparents. One magical word that is music to most parent’s ears. A willing and doting babysitter when you need a break; a patient advisor when your child is being challenging; an extra set of big arms for your child to be enveloped in.

The very best thing about grandparents is that they can help with your child’s early development with ease and delight. Here are some simple ways your parents can participate in teaching your child essential early lessons.

A Reading Respite

Once you have taken out a stack of library books, a grandparent’s lap can transport them both deep into story land. The act of reading to your child will both increase and sate their curiosity, expand their vocabulary and reading skills, and help them practice the elusive art of staying still.

I Spy

Whether they’re in the backseat together or on a park walk, two generations playing I Spy teaches your child colours, shapes and previously unidentified objects in their world.

Pause for a Puzzle

Piece by piece, starting small and increasing in size and difficulty, putting together puzzles can increase your child’s problem solving skills and challenge their memories. It’s a perfect rainy day activity and all they need is a clean tabletop and maybe a small pile of cookies.

Sharing Family Photos

Grandparents always have the best stories. Looking at old family photos will keep their memories fresh and alive, and remind your child that Mom and Dad were once small too and not always the boss. This peek back in time will increase your little ones’ knowledge of family relations and spatial details, like how someone can be a daughter, a sister and a Mama too.

Does your child spend quality time with a Grandparent? We’d love to know what they get up to.

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