The BC government employees union (BCGEU) is proud to celebrate May is child care month with the launch of a series of short animations … The messages conveyed in these clips outline the importance of early childhood educators and the diverse skills required to support children and families in their growth and development …

Children are our hope for a better future. What they learn, especially in their formative years, is paramount. Some experts believe that 80% of our essential life skills are learned before age six. Those early years provide a critical foundation. They shape our core values and beliefs about how we treat others and how we view ourselves.

Every day, Early Childhood Educators (ECEs) provide young children with a caring and safe environment where they are free to create, explore, and learn. You teach them to share and respect themselves and each other. We acknowledge ECEs dedication and their professionalism.  The BCGEU is proud to be partners with the Coalition of Child Care Advocates of B.C. working towards building a quality, non-profit, universal and accessible child care system in British Columbia. To read more and to see the animations, click here.

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