This is an article from 2003, has anything changed? Please let us know your thoughts!

An article by Rita Chudnovsky, May 2003, on the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives website.

After years on the back pages, child care is once again on the agenda. The federal government is talking about a national child care plan and the federal budget included $935 million for early learning and child care. On March 13th, federal/provincial/territorial Ministers agreed to spend these funds over the next 5 years to improve access to affordable, regulated, quality child care programs.

Here in BC, however, we are moving in the opposite direction, cutting money from child care and “restructuring” child care funding in ways that erode access.

Last year, the government reduced the income threshold at which families could qualify for a subsidy by $285 per month, and also reduced the size of partial subsidies available to those above the threshold. To read more click here. 


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