May is the month set aside to thank child care providers for their contribution to the well- being of children and families. It is a special time to acknowledge the dedication and hard work of those who take care of our children.

On May 18th the Burnaby Early Childhood Development Committee will be hosting an evening of appreciation for Burnaby child care providers at Burnaby Neighbourhood House from 6:30pm to 9:00pm. There will be a feature speaker with a training certificate issued, networking opportunities, food, and door prizes in recognition of the commitment of our child care providers. To register please call the YMCA CCRR at 604.294.1109

Families in Burnaby depend on quality child care providers. Every day, many parents and caregivers head off to school and work relying on their child care providers to play a role in nurturing their child’s early development. Research tells us that in the first five years of life the brain is developing at an incredible rate and a child’s earliest experiences are critical.

A child should be surrounded by people who care. The work of a child care provider is dedicated to nurturing children: to talk to them, to play with them, to tell them stories, to allow them to explore the environment, to respect them and to keep them safe and secure.

In its first budget, the new Federal government recognizes the need for high-quality affordable child care for Canadian families. The 2016 Budget states, “The Government recognizes the deep connection between child care and the economic security of families, and proposes to invest $500 million in 2017-2018 to support the establishment of a National Framework on Early Learning and Child Care.”

Agencies and families and children of Burnaby wish to officially say thank you. We recognize and honour the valuable work and dedication of our child care providers.

This month be sure to show your appreciation to your child care provider for the important work they do.

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