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When a baby is born it adds another beautiful branch to your family tree.

As new parents quickly learn, your lives change in amazing ways; the size of your heart increases while your sleep decreases.

For many lucky families, rescue comes in the form of grandparents. They don’t wear capes but they are superheroes to stressed parents who need a well-deserved break from the demands of little voices.

Grandparents seemingly have all the patience in the world; they can rock a fussy child for an hour while Mom catches a nap, or take Junior for a long walk in the sunshine while Dad runs errands.

Ensuring your child has special time with their grandparents will strengthen their bonds and provide your little ones with new faces to caress, new voices to soothe them and new stories to delight in.

Sometimes families are scattered all over the world and don’t live close enough to see each other as much as they would like to. If your child’s grandparents live miles away, with modern technology they don’t have to be strangers. By using Face Time or Skype on your phone or home computer, they can see and hear each other grow. When baby is small, grandparents will have to make do with some cooing, but as your child grows they can tell Grandma all the important stories of the day and tease Grandpa about his bushy eyebrows.

You can also use old fashioned methods of communicating. Pop recent pictures of your child and colourful crafts they’ve created into an envelope and put it in the mail. Grandma will be proud to display the artwork of your mini Picasso all over her fridge.

If your parents have passed away, there are still lovely ways you can make sure your child feels a connection with their grandparents. Create a small photo album with pictures of grandparents from various stages of their lives. Slide in pictures of you when you were a baby – babies love seeing other babies! When you have a quiet moment during the day, pull out the album and tell your little one fun stories about their grandparents. At bedtime there are a million books you could choose from, but isn’t a real life tale about their Grandpa’s adventures at sea or Grandma’s silly laugh so much more fun to tell?

These are just a few ways you can ensure your child feels a very special connection to their grandparents. We’d love to know – how do you connect your child with their doting grandparents?



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