Children encounter lots of transitions in their lives, but starting kindergarten is one of the biggest. Whether your child has been in daycare or if this will be their first introduction to structured group activities with other kids, either way it will be a transition. A new situation with new people and new rules challenges children physically, mentally, cognitively, and socially. This means they are probably going to be extra tired for the first couple weeks of kindergarten as they adjust to all this change.

One of the most important things is to be patient in this time of transition. It’s a common experience for children to be well behaved while they are at school and then completely fall apart when they see you or when you get home. Some parents find this frustrating but it means they feel safe and comfortable with you and so they relax and let all that tired stress out in the only way they know how. Support them and help them find ways to let their stress out in safe and healthy ways.

Talk about going to kindergarten ahead of time. Talk about what it will be like and what they will do throughout the day. Consider a couple practice runs before hand to walk to school together at the time you will need to leave to go to school in the morning. By getting into that routine at home it can make your child feel more comfortable when the real day comes.

Ask your child about how they are feeling about kindergarten. Address their fears di
rectly and let them know its okay to be scared but that it will get easier each day. Talk about how you felt when you went to kindergarten and what you liked about going. Stay positive but also make sure they know that you understand their feelings. In a couple of weeks the transition will be over and kindergarten will be part of their normal routine.