I am not a hot weather person. Spring is by far my favourite time of year. The flowers are blooming, the birds are singing and the temperatures tend to be…well…temperate.

So it is no wonder that when the summer comes, we seek out air conditioning like fiends. Be it the movie theatre for a matinee, a shopping centre play area or our local library, there are times when we just have to go inside to get a break from the outside.

The library is certainly our favourite destination. Not only is it free and lacking in fiscal temptation (oh iced vanilla lattes how you tempt me), but it is filled to the brim with one of our favourite leisure activity items: books.

We are book readers in our house. There is always a book in my purse, two on the go on my bedside, and every night my son reads to me and I read to him. I hope this continues until he is thirty. However, keeping up with reading during the day going through the summer can sometimes be a challenge. There is always so much to do between summer camps, adventures with friends and collapsing in a deck chair from heat exhaustion that sometimes recreational reading falls off. Here are a few ways that we like to keep the reading roaring.

Summer Reading Club 

Local libraries frequently run summer reading clubs. These programs are free to participate in and motivate kids to keep reading and earn fun rewards and a medal at the end.

Family Reading Time

Get everyone together in the family to have a read-in. Perhaps one evening in the park? After dinner? Encourage all family members to bring their current reading materiel and give everybody chance to talk about what they read and why they loved it.

Go Online

They want to be engaged digitally, so why not use that to your advantage? Today, there are many free apps and online tools that support reading and writing.

Make it Fun

Get your kids engaged in how amazing the world of literature can be! Encourage them to explore new books or genres that may not be on a school reading list. Get them to pick out books that are more about their interests, or are how to manuals or are graphic novels. Make it an adventure that you can participate in yourself!

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