Family Friendly Business

Are you interested in learning more about how to be a leader in family friendly business practice and the benefits to your business?

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The Burnaby Early Childhood Development Table, with the services of Hyack Interactive, produced the following information and education sheets that have received province-wide recognition:

Being Family Friendly Is Good For Business

Family Friendly Communities Are Good For All

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The Early Childhood Development Table recently developed, with the support of Hyack Interactive, a checklist and process for Burnaby businesses to see if they qualify as family friendly. Click here to see if your business could promote itself as a Family friendly business!

Our partner, the Burnaby Board of Trade, is a strong proponent of balanced family friendly workplaces.Below is some research and information gathered from its members:

Work-Life Balance Practices in the Workplace: Cost or Benefit?

What Burnaby Businesses are Saying about Sustainable and Work-Life Balance Practices: Highlights from BBOT Interviews


Project Health: Supporting Healthy Workplaces

The workplace can have a significant impact on employee health, especially when you consider that most people spend over half of their waking hours on the job. Visit this website for ideas around:

HR Council: Workplaces that Work – Toolkit

A healthy workplace means more than just warding off colds and the flu. It is more holistic and takes into consideration the physical, spiritual, environmental, intellectual, emotional, occupational and mental health of employees. Wellness promotion doesn’t just benefit the employee because an organization filled with healthy and fulfilled employees is a productive workplace that retains its employees. More and more organizations are creating Health and Welfare Committees who are responsible for recognizing health and safety concerns and identifying solutions. Visit this website for toolkit ideas around:

Work-life balance

Wellness program options

Stress management

Occupational health and safety legislation