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Article about Play

10 things every parent should know about play!

Toddler safety window/balcony decals from BC Ambulance Service
  • Talk to children about window and balcony safety.
  • Window screens are not strong enough to hold the weight of a child – they keep bugs out, not children in.
  • Move furniture and planters away from windows and balcony edges to discourage children from climbing, especially cribs and beds.
  • Install and maintain window safety devices – ensure there is a safe release option in case of a house fire.
  • Keep windows open 10 centimetres or less – children can fit through a space as small as 12 centimetres.
  • Don’t leave children unattended on balconies or in higher floor rooms with open windows.

Children’s Rights

A Silent Generational Crisis PDF
Critical Child Care Challenges PDF