As parents we feel great responsibility to ensure we teach our children the “essentials” before they have to navigate the big new world of kindergarten.

With early child development, it’s more than just the milestones we mark down in their baby book.

For a child to have a truly successful school experience as a young child and beyond, researchers have pointed out five areas of development to focus on.

  1. Physical health and well-being
  2. Social competence
  3. Emotional maturity
  4. Communication skills and general knowledge
  5. Language and cognitive development

If you’re eager to ensure your child is on the right track but aren’t sure where to begin, the great news is that we can help!

On February 21st we are holding our first annual Learn to Play, Play to Learn Event at Bonsor Recreation Complex in Burnaby.

Join us for this free fun event from 9:30 am – 12 pm as we encourage all families with children 0-6 to come play!

Hosted by the Burnaby ECD Table, there will be early childhood educators on hand for questions and resource assistance.

The activities chosen for the day specifically address all the facets of early child development listed above.

Through this play you will see:

  • How your child functions in a group setting
  • How your child’s gross motor skills, like jumping and running, have developed
  • How your child’s fine motor skills, like colouring and crafting, have developed
  • How your child addresses turn-taking and communicating with peers
  • How your child maintains energy and focus while playing

Through this event we can bring a community together, and also help families see how play-based learning can be world-changing for your child.

Please join us as we celebrate the importance of play.

There is no need to RSVP, but please help us spread the word.

You can find all the event details on our Facebook Page or download the poster.

We hope to see you there!

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